More Space for You than Almost any Other Country

Wide Open Spaces

  • Our fleet of robust Namibia 4x4 rentals are built to explore Namibia’s most remote destinations. We can arrange decent off-road travel insurance at a competitive price. Having proper coverage is a great comfort when traveling.
  • Namibia is a vast country spread over 825,000 square kilometers / 318,000 square miles. That’s larger than France and the United Kingdom taken together, and 18% bigger than Texas.
  • Our population of 2.75 million people is tiny compared to those countries. This leaves so much more open space to explore. That’s more of the world’s greatest natural wonders, all accessible by 4x4 rental Namibian off-roaders and the reason why it is rated so highly.

Frequently Asked Questions answered and interesting things to know when choosing your insurance policy

Namibian Gravel Road

  • Most insurance options fully cover you, your family or friends and the 4x4 car hire Namibia, whether you choose Standard, middle or flexible car rental insurance. The titles could be different, but most places offer the same kind of insurance options.
  • Usually tyres and windscreens are not included in the insurance. This is usually optional with an additional daily cost. Tip for deciding around this option is to think about the road conditions for your trip.
  • For example, is it a rocky area, gravel road or could your wheels get damaged on route to a recommended tourist attraction? In common cases, small rocks can be thrown toward the windscreen and damage it.
  • The initial deposit amount on our 4x4 rental Namibia provide a wider variety of options for clients with different payment capabilities. The higher the initial deposit, the lower the daily cost that will be incorporated.
  • Insurance deposits can be blocked on the credit card or alternatively deposited with your initial rental quoted amount.
  • After your rental car has been received in an acceptable manner and the inspection was completed satisfactory (usually take 3 days) your deposit will be refunded.

Freedom to Go Where You Want To, Anytime

  • Namibia has a very low infection rate for the COVID-19 pandemic. On 6 June, 2020 our rate was 10 per million population and we had no deaths. Our average population density is 3.2 people per square kilometre / 8.3 per square mile. Social distancing is easy to achieve in Namibia!
  • You get more than peace of mind with off-road travel insurance when you rent from Two Oceans Car Rental. We have double cabs with rooftop tents and camping equipment for two or four persons. Why stay among the crowds at lodges, and hotels, when you can sleep alone with nature and wake to the sun?
  • A Two Oceans, camping car hire Namibia allows you the freedom to head off another dirt road to follow up on a whim. You can divert from the quaint delights of German settler town Swakopmund into the Namib desert. Investigate Welwitschia trees growing upside down at the drop of a hat. And drive through a landscape that looks just like the surface on the moon.

4x4 Travel in Namibia

That’s just the start of what we offer! There are many more advantages to choosing a Namibia car rental for a holiday we’d love to share. If we were to button this up in a few words we’d say we offer peace of mind and peace of soul. Come to Namibia and claim the rare pleasures of our wide open spaces for yourself.

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